Product News: PerkinElmer to Showcase Comprehensive Applications-Focused Solutions at ILMAC 2007

10 Sep 2007

PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader in Health Sciences and Photonics markets, announced today that it will showcase its latest innovations in analytical instrumentation and laboratory services at the upcoming ILMAC 2007 show in Basel, Switzerland. During the event, which takes place September 25-28, 2007, the Company will highlight its comprehensive applications-based solutions for biofuels, environmental analysis, hydrocarbon processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical quality control.

“The innovative products and services on display at this year’s ILMAC show demonstrate our commitment to helping customers across a broad range of industries improve the productivity and precision of their research and analytical testing,” said Robert F. Friel, President and Chief Operating Officer of PerkinElmer, Inc. “Our complete applications-focused approach combines our high-performance analytical instrumentation with PerkinElmer’s renowned applications expertise. We complement our product offerings with our OneSource® Laboratory Services, providing the best range of equipment management and maintenance solutions to streamline laboratory operations.”

Among the applications solutions to be highlighted at ILMAC 2007 will be:

Pharmaceutical analysis:

  • Analyze, understand, and control. PerkinElmer has the capabilities to support product quality formulation development through in-process batch conformity. PerkinElmer pharmaceutical solutions include the Clarus® 600 Gas Chromatograph (GC) with TurboMatrix™ Headspace for organic volatile impurities in pharmaceuticals, the Series 200 HPLC for the analysis of non-volatile impurities, the Spotlight™ 400 FT-IR/NIR imaging suite for material identification, the RamanStation™ 400 for new formulations, and the Diamond™ DSC for material characterization.

Environmental analysis:

  • The ELAN® family of ICP-MS instruments combines the speed of ICP with the ultimate detection limit capabilities for measuring trace environmental contaminants. PerkinElmer’s HPLC/ICP-MS speciation system connects the HPLC to the ELAN and includes the relevant sample introduction system needed based on flow rate requirements. The addition of PerkinElmer’s Chromera® software offers an integrated solution for measuring metal-containing compounds, which is critical for studying environmental mobility.
  • PerkinElmer will also be showing the Clarus 600 GC/MS with TurboMatrix Headspace Trap for water-quality testing and the Clarus 600 GC/MS with TurboMatrix ATD for air-quality testing.
  • LABWORKS™ LIMS meets environmental regulations, adapts to specific laboratory workflows and includes data security to ensure the integrity of critical laboratory data concerning water supplies.

Biofuels analysis:

  • The PerkinElmer Biodiesel GC Turnkey Systems ensure the full ASTM and EN compliance of biodiesel for both free and total glycerin as well as for residual alcohol. All hardware and software is preconfigured for ‘out of the box’ analyses.
  • The Optima 2100™ ICP-OES is especially well suited to perform elemental analysis on biodiesel. The monitoring of Group I (Na and K), Group II (Ca and Mg) and phosphorous are critical in the testing of biodiesel.
  • The Spectrum™ 100 FTIR is an invaluable analytical system for readily measuring the amount of biodiesel contained in a biodiesel blend. The system complies with the AFNOR NF EN 14078 method or it can be configured with a principal components regression software package to provide a more robust analysis.
  • LABWORKS™ Green is a specially tailored version of LABWORKS LIMS, targeted to specific functions needed by biodiesel production plants, that monitors the entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished product.

Hydrocarbon Processing analysis:

  • PerkinElmer-Arnel combines experience and global support to enhance laboratory productivity, providing full system support for specialized GC applications including natural and refinery Gas analyzers, simulated distillation systems, and workspace air monitoring systems.
  • PerkinElmer’s LABWORKS LIMS offers total solutions for petrochemical and chemical laboratories. A combination of specific applications will schedule, enter, validate and report data according to the needs of the chemical/petrochemical laboratory.

OneSource® Laboratory Services:

  • OneSource is a personalized business solution for the management, maintenance and validation of laboratory equipment that has been proven to maximize equipment uptime, target cost savings and improve productivity. OneSource removes the hassle of managing laboratory assets, improves service response times and brings insight and control to laboratory processes.

Project Management solutions:

  • PerkinElmer recently introduced JANUS® Project Manager Software. This new applications package harnesses the power of JANUS WinPREP® software and provides seamless integration, method development and application scheduling for the JANUS Automated Workstation with a variety of peripheral instruments. JANUS Project Manager also coordinates time-critical application events for ELISA, cell-based assays, binding applications, and enzyme measurement studies.