Product News: PerkinElmer Debuts New and Enhanced Product Lines in Reagents and Instrumentation at SBS 2008

19 Mar 2008

PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader in Health Sciences and Photonics markets, will be unveiling a number of new and enhanced product lines in cellular assays, lab instrumentation, and high throughput screening technologies at the Society for Biomolecular Sciences 14th Annual Conference and Exhibition, St. Louis, Missouri, at Booth #813.

“We are delighted to participate once again at the annual SBS Conference and Exhibition,” said Dr. Richard Eglen, President of PerkinElmer’s BioDiscovery business entity. “The past year has seen a marked increase in the uptake of cell-based technologies, and PerkinElmer has worked closely with our customers to develop new and enhanced editions of our industry-leading product lines. We’ve made strong strides to stay ahead of the curve in assays and high throughput and high content screening instruments and reagents, and we’re confident that our offerings will continue our growth and leadership, providing total solutions for advanced cellular sciences.”

New products at SBS feature the release of eight assay kits for the AlphaLISA™ “No-Wash” ELISA technology platform.

Also featured are the PhotoScreen™ Ca2+ Photina® cell lines, a robust, high throughput screening platform for ion channel and GPCR assays. PhotoScreen is a chimeric photoprotein combining part of the obelin gene and part of the clytin gene to ensure a bright signal.

PerkinElmer Reagent News at SBS also features:
  • AlphaLISA™ Assay Kits - Eight new assay kits to facilitate screening of key biomolecules. AlphaLISA is a highly sensitive “No-Wash” ELISA alternative offering a wide dynamic range and easy automation for analysis of analytes and complex samples such as serum & plasma. The AlphaLISA platform is a bead-based assay system that can be easily automated and miniaturized due to it’s no wash steps.
  • LANCE® Ultra KinaSelect™ Ser/Thr Kit - Intended for selecting the optimal peptide substrate for serine and threonine kinases. Kinase activity is measured in a LANCE® time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET) assay using five different ULight-labeled peptide substrates with their corresponding europium (Eu)-labeled anti-phospho-antibodies. Substrate/antibody pairs giving the best performance can then be used for further assay development and optimization.
  • 125I and 131I Iodinated Compounds - PerkinElmer will label your compound with 125I or 131I using the most appropriate radioiodination methods and reagent quantities to meet your specifications.
  • AequoScreen®-Encoding Plasmids - For performing aequorin luminescent assay starting from non-aequorin cell lines.

New or Enhanced PerkinElmer Instruments and Platforms at SBS include:

  • LumiLux® CS Cellular Luminescence Platform – For high throughput screening (HTS) and ultra-high throughput screening (uHTS) kinetic flash and glow luminescent cellular assays. LumiLux is the only dedicated flash luminescence instrument line that enables simultaneous 1536 “inject and read” flash luminescence assays, allowing laboratories to produce over 200,000 data points per day.
  • EnVision® Multilabel Plate Reader with Monochromator Options - The new EnVision technology creates an optimized plate reader that integrates the sensitivity of filter-based system with the flexibility of a monochromator. EnVision with Monochromator enables effortless shifting between detection technologies and applications, all on the platform that outperforms other benchtop readers on the market.
  • Columbus™ Cellular Imaging Software – For high throughput screening
  • The company will also showcase its OnPoint Biodiscovery Services including Integration Solutions for Rapid Automation Platform Development. The Integration Solutions Service deploys PerkinElmer’s extensive expertise in liquid handling, robotics, detection, software and reagent chemistries to partner with our customers for development of application solutions, assay validation, systems integration, engineering services and new product development.

AlphaLISA Technology Platform Workshop: “Increase Your Assay Productivity Through Innovative Technologies”

PerkinElmer will conduct an interactive symposium on Sunday, April 6, 2008, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. The symposium, titled “Increase Your Assay Productivity Through Innovative Technologies”, is a series of case studies presented by experts from GSK, Pfizer, Cephalon and Lundbeck, with opening remarks from Dr. Richard Eglen.

The two-part workshop features discussions on “Conversion of traditional ELISA assays to the sensitive no-wash AlphaLISA™ technology”, and “Advances in high-throughput cellular screening assays” showcasing the performance improvements the utilization of PerkinElmer AequoScreen aequorin platform has over other methods.