Product News: PerkinElmer Announces New Innovations to Strengthen Drug Discovery Product Portfolio

07 Apr 2008

PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader in Health Sciences and Photonics, today announced the release of eight new AlphaLISA™ immunoassay kits in conjunction with the Society for Biomolecular Sciences' (SBS) 14th Annual Conference and Exhibition. These latest innovations include research reagents and assays for investigating HIV, cancer, central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular disorders, and diabetes*.

AlphaLISA is a line of highly sensitive "No-Wash" immunoassay reagents offering a wide dynamic range and easy automation for analysis of biomarkers and other analytes. The technology allows researchers to replace multi-step, cumbersome ELISAs with a high throughput screening (HTS) platform, significantly reducing the time, labor and materials necessary for processing complex samples.

"At PerkinElmer, we are committed to providing our customers with the technologies and innovations they need to further push the boundaries of research taking place in today's laboratories," said Richard Eglen, Ph.D., president, Bio-discovery, PerkinElmer, Inc. "The release of these eight new AlphaLISA assay kits will not only provide researchers with the latest tools they need to produce more accurate results across a wider range of diseases, but also expand and strengthen our line of drug discovery products in new and existing markets."

AlphaLISA is a proprietary bead-based homogeneous assay technology for the detection of analytes in complex samples such as serum. In addition, the proximity of the two beads allows the detection of very large analytes such as full length endogenous proteins and biological complexes. The beads are extremely small in comparison to other bead technologies and can be dispensed very easily. AlphaLISA's unique, No-Wash technology eliminates tedious ELISA washing and consecutive incubation wait times, and offers greater dynamic range and sensitivity, while enabling miniaturization and ease of automation.

*AlphaLISA assay kits are intended for research use only and are not for use in diagnostic procedures.