Product News: Ensemble for Chemistry Informatics Platform Launched at ACS 2012

26 Mar 2012

At the American Chemical Society’s Spring 2012 National Meeting & Expo PerkinElmer, Inc. announced the launch of its Ensemble for ChemistryTM integrated informatics suite for enhancing chemist productivity and decision-making, for industry segments including biopharmaceutical, environmental, food and chemical, as well as academia and government.

The Ensemble for Chemistry platform provides a suite of software applications to improve chemists’ efficiency. This is delivered through tools and content for more efficient planning and recording of experiments, the creation of structure-searchable databases of compounds, reactions and data, and the ability to locate, share and communicate results directly in their workflow.

The software suite allows users to manage chemical structures and their associated data and properties in intelligent and intuitive ways, and integrates disparate data from customers' Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN), informatics systems and databases, maximizing the value of an organization's scientific intellectual capital.

“Chemists across a wide range of scientific and commercial endeavors, whether from academic, biopharma, environmental, food or other segments, share the same core informatics needs – ease of use, workflow efficiency, data integrity, knowledge sharing and collaboration, and secure storage,” said Michael Stapleton, general manager, Informatics, PerkinElmer. “The Ensemble for Chemistry suite provides researchers with the tools they need to understand the chemistry behind the names, structures and reactions, so that compounds and associated data are leveraged effectively on business-relevant pipeline projects.”

The Ensemble for Chemistry suite helps businesses meet the challenges facing chemists by enabling them to:
• Efficiently create and share chemically intelligent, publication-ready structures with ChemDraw® software, and use the structures to generate names, explore 3D shapes, calculate properties and predict spectra with ChemOffice® software
• Plan, execute and record experiments and create a secure searchable archive of intellectual property
• Check the novelty of compounds and mixtures and assign unique identifiers to enable data linking and integration
• Search for compounds and data with a variety of tools to facilitate structure-property correlation and decision-making.