Product News: Perfect Fit and Distinct Enhancement in Pipetting Comfort

29 Sep 2011

Biotechnica this year will feature new products from Sarstedt including the new tip for pipetting micro volumes from 0.2 -20μl, designed for the perfect fit on the latest generation of Eppendorf pipettors (e.g. Research plus pipettes) and other brands of identical design (e.g. Finnpipette 0.2-2μl). View these and more at the booth.

The tip features an ergonomical and flexible cone geometry, enhanced sealing properties and outstanding precision with single- or multi-channel pipettes. 2, 10 and 20μl graduation rings without interfering ridges and the extreme low ejection force provide a distinct enhancement in pipetting comfort. The fine, extra 46 mm long tip enables safe pipetting down to the bottom of microtubes and facilitates visual volume control. Each tip box comes with a new perforated “temper-evident closure” to preserve safety after opening the sterile bag in order to maintain the high Biosphere® purity level of the tips. For convenience, a clearly visible tip-volume colour code and compatibility of the tip is printed on the box label.

For more details please see the company article page.