Product News: 14 Million Partec HIV/AIDS Patient Immune Status Tests Used from 2008 to 2012

26 Apr 2013

Innovative diagnostic solutions that make the difference: Due to introduction of the Partec CyFlow® technology for immune status monitoring of HIV/AIDS patients in the year 2002, the cost for the life-long required follow-up diagnostics - integral part of antiretroviral treatment – has been reduced in Sub-Saharan Africa from EUR 160 per patient/year to less than EUR 10, only. In the meanwhile, more than 1,900 Partec CyFlow® CD4 testing devices have been successfully installed in 100 countries at governmental hospitals, private laboratories, within NGO treatment programmes and for point-of-care use. Partec CyFlow® technology serves adult patients by precise absolute counts of CD4+ T-lymphocytes („CD4 cells“) as well as pediatric patients requiring measurement of the percentage of CD4 cells among the total lymphocytes („CD4%“).

From 2008 to 2012, reagent kits for 14 million patient tests for HIV/AIDS immune status monitoring have been supplied by Partec. More than 30 international scientific studies and clinical validations from independent research groups and internationally renowned institutions have proven that the CyFlow® is highly accurate, precise and reliable flow cytometric technology for affordable CD4 absolute and CD4% counting.

In 2013, Partec is introducing a unique "lab to go" for covering the most urgent and critical diagnostic needs in the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, especially for those living in remote regions and rural areas with minimal infrastructure: In a portable suitcase, the CyLab™ mini combines the different mobile Partec solutions including the CyFlow® miniPOC for point-of-care for HIV/AIDS immune status monitoring and the CyScope® fluorescence and transmitted light microscope for TB and Malaria diagnosis. The instruments can be run on battery and solar panel, both part of the CyLab™ mini package.