Product News: Panasonic Launch Energy Efficient 700 Liter, -86 °C Freezer

17 Dec 2012

Energy efficiency is fast becoming a vital feature of modern laboratory equipment, and this is clearly demonstrated in the new Eco VIP KM-DU73Y1E -86°C upright freezer from Panasonic. With a capacity of 728 liters, the freezer is the most energy-efficient of its size, and is ideal for sample storage within hospitals, biomedical research institutes and biopharmaceutical laboratories. Energy savings lead to reduced running costs as well as environmental benefits, and so the KM-DU73Y1E provides a range of advantages to all users of ultra-low temperature freezers.

In comparison to other widely used, -86°C freezers of this size, the KM-DU73Y1E can help to reduce electrical running costs by up to 50%. This efficiency is achieved with the use of natural refrigerants, advanced Panasonic refrigeration technology and VIP PLUS vacuum panel insulation. As well as energy savings, VIP PLUS insulation panels save 30% floor space compared to conventionally insulated upright freezers.

The combination of the above features with Panasonic’s control technology provides improved cooling performance and excellent insulation characteristics and door-open recovery times. A streamlined cooling system provides even greater reliability for the security of valuable and often irreplaceable samples.

The KM-DU73Y1E is one of the new Class IIa Medical Device certified Eco VIP ultra-low freezers from Panasonic.