Product News: Pall Life Sciences Expands Line Of AcroSep Chromatography Columns

26 Feb 2009

Pall Life Sciences, a global leader in filtration, separation and purification, has expanded its line of AcroSep™ chromatography columns (1 mL) to provide lab technicians with a full palette of color-coded columns that address the wide-range of chromatography separation requirements.

Pall AcroSep columns are pre-packed with high quality chromatography media, providing fast and convenient protein separations from lab scale to pharmaceutical manufacturing. The columns are flexible, allowing for more separation and elution options in a single format to achieve greater purity. They are versatile, with a luer lock inlet and outlet for convenient use with syringe, pump, or automated chromatography system. Each column is user-friendly and equipped with a hexagonal collar shape to prevent unexpected rolling.

Pall AcroSep columns for ion exchange offer S, Q, DEAE and CM chemistries on Pall's patented "gel-in-ashell" technology that delivers rapid protein purification with high capacity and high resolution. Applications include small to medium scale protein purification for structural, functional and other analyses.

Pall AcroSep columns for affinity purification (IMAC, Protein A, and Blue Trisacryl® M) provide a high purity protein in one step. The IMAC column is flexible since it can be combined with a metal of choice. The Protein A column provides high selectivity without non-specific binding. Use the Blue Trisacryl M column to target albumin depletion from serum and plasma.

With Pall’s AcroSep columns for mixed-mode (MEP, HEA, PPA HyperCelTM Resins), proteins can be eluted by pH or hydrophobicity to yield a more efficient separation and provide an alternative to conventional hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC). The ligand structure and density on Pall’s MEP HyperCel resin are unique, offering stability up to 200 cycles of purification. Pall’s SDR HyperD® resin mixed-mode column is available for the effective removal of a wide range of ionic and non-ionic detergents.