Product News: Opal® IHC Products to be made Compatible with Leica Biosystems’ Automated Research Platform

14 Nov 2016

PerkinElmers Opal® Multicolor Immunohistochemistry (IHC) products will be available in early 2017 for use with Leica Biosystems fully automated BOND RX research staining platform. These fully automated multiplex kits can visualize up to six biomarkers and a nuclear counterstain on a single tissue section with next day results. 

Combining Leica Biosystems automated research platform with the high sensitivity and specificity of Opal kits, this new solution will allow researchers more confidence in developing reproducible assays that are easy to standardize across laboratories and will enhance the characterization of immune cells and tumor cells in-situ within tissue, increasing consistency, flexibility and speed and reducing labor.

"Automated staining with Opal Multiplex IHC kits is the next step in advancing our Phenoptics quantitative pathology systems workflow, said Terry Lo, General Manager Quantitative Pathology Solutions, PerkinElmer. This innovation is an important part of providing researchers in immuno-oncology and other fields the tools they need to help lead to scientific breakthroughs. We are pleased to work with Leica to bring higher throughput and walkaway solutions to our customers."

Colin White, VP of Advanced Staining at Leica Biosystems, added, Leica Biosystems is excited to announce the availability of PerkinElmers Opal protocol on the BOND RX. Multiplexing offers many benefits to researchers but has traditionally been complex to operationalize. Our collaboration with PerkinElmer enables multiplexing with high levels of usability and automation.