Product News: One Light Source for All Elements in Atomic Absorbance Spectroscopy

02 Jul 2010

The new contrAA® series – High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS – from Analytik Jena achieves previously unattained effectiveness and quality of measurement results. The use of a xenon lamp as a continuous source of radiation opens up the entire wavelength range relevant for AAS in one step. Having just one light source for all elements saves time, hassle and costs of materials.

The series comprises of two instruments:
ContrAA® 300
The high-resolution continuum source AAS for flame and hydride technology

ContrAA® 700
A compact, versatile system for flame, hydride and graphite furnace technology, capable of analyzing liquid as well as solid samples in one single instrument.

Both systems combine intelligent design with premium functionality and persuasive performance characteristics:

 Just one light source for all elements
 Sequential multi-element routine as standard
 Unique simultaneous background correction
 High sample throughput
 Rapid readiness for measurement
 Easy to operate and robust
 New information content
 Improved analytical performance

Infinite Latitude with only One Light Source
With only one light source for all elements and all available wavelengths, the instrument is ready to measure at all times. The previous dependence of the measurement on hollow cathode lamps is eliminated and the associated costly preparation time no longer applies. The protracted burn-in time of the light source, necessary for conventional line sources, is now also no longer required, since any drift phenomena are corrected simultaneously. The use of a xenon lamp as a continuous source of radiation opens up the entire wavelength range relevant for AAS for the customer in just one step. Previously, individual methods predominated; now the sequential multielement-routine has become standard. This provides enormous savings in time and cost of materials.

The evaluation of molecular absorption bands, allowing the analysis of additional elements, such as sulfur or phosphorus, is a further innovation.

Impressive Design
Intelligent design goes beyond saving space in the laboratory and beyond convenient transportation. Today it really means readiness to operate quickly, high effectiveness and easy handling as a means of minimizing service and operating costs. Operating convenience is a top priority for the contrAA®. Thanks to the tandem principle, it is readily possible to change quickly from flame technology to graphite furnace technology and vice versa, depending on the task to be accomplished. Cumbersome installation or additional adjustment is now no longer required!

Unique Resolution
The unique resolution with a spectral bandwidth of below 2 pm/ pixel is decisive for the new quality of the measurement results. Interference is minimized through optimum line separation. Errors, which were caused by the limits of the resolution in traditional line AAS, can be identified for the first time and thereby avoided.