Product News: Odyssey Sa Adds Automated Plate Reading From BioTek Instruments, Inc.

28 Apr 2011

As part of LI-COR’s Life Science Network, BioTek Instruments, Inc. has integrated the BioStack™ Automated Microplate Stacking System with its LI-COROdyssey® Sa Infrared Imaging System. The Odyssey Sa is compatible with the BioStack (either 30- or 50-plate configurations) when installed with the Odyssey Sa Express Automation Software for automated plate readouts. This integration offers increased throughput and automated plate reading, along with increased speed and ease of use.

“Odyssey Sa features two-channel infrared detection with excellent sensitivity and a broad dynamic range,” says Jim Wiley, LI-COR senior strategic marketing manager. “The walk-away automation of the Odyssey Sa provided by the BioStack offers increased throughput for various plate-based assays, including LI-COR’s novel In-Cell Western™ Assay and RNAi screening assays.”

“The BioStack is a result of over 42 years of experience in automating microplate processes,” says Jean André De Bedout, BioTek contract sales manager. “In today’s laboratory, space, time and ease of use are critical. The combination of LI-COR’s Odyssey Sa and the BioTekBioStack provides the researcher a compact and intuitive, automated bench top solution.”