Product News: Makers of SeaChanger Color Engine Release colorBUG™ Wireless Color and Illuminance Testing Device

11 Mar 2009

Ocean Thin Films, a division of Ocean Optics, has introduced the colorBUG handheld wireless device for lighting designers, technicians, videographers and digital photographers.

The colorBUG measures CIE color values and illuminance in theatrical, studio and architectural applications. Its software allows users to wirelessly share data with their iPhone or iPod touch, making color analysis simple and convenient.

The colorBUG can be mounted on walls and other fixtures to assist in taking measurements remotely or hands-free. Smaller than a typical mobile phone, colorBUG is completely portable and features a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, mini USB connectivity and a sleek but rugged design.

Optical-sensing innovations such as colorBUG harness the power of our unique patented dichroic filter array process and are helping to change the way people approach applications such as color sensing, multispectral imaging and LED design.