Product News: Customize your Lab Experience with NuAire

07 Nov 2011

NuAire will be displaying the full line of research equipment at the annual SfN Annual Meeting. NuAire laboratory products are “built to order” ensuring you get the correct product for your specific application. NuAire’s “built to order” production allows the company to customize your piece of equipment to your exact specifications creating you a personal, unique design.

LabGard and CellGard Biological Safety Cabinets offers the best in Industry value. The attention to detail during the manufacturing process ensures long product life, a correctly sized energy efficient motor not only your energy costs but your total cost of ownership as well. You can customize you Biosafety Cabinet by selecting a straight or sloped front sash, a choice of three different controls, a wide variety of options and accessories from base stands to service values, and even the ability to create widths, depths, and heights to handle large pieces of equipment from cell sorts to liquid handlers.

In addition to the current portfolio, Awel Centrifuges from NuAire are coming soon. NuAire is the North and South American distributor for Awel Centrifuge Products. Awel Centrifuges offer redesigned product features that change the user experience. AWELock is a rotor exchange that allows for a quick change of rotors without tools. AWELight illuminates a blue light on top the lid to signify end of cycle in a noisy lab.

AutoFlow CO2 Incubators are designed after an ISO Class 5 cleanroom. 99.99% rated HEPA filters remove particles from the air, gas, and work chamber. Airflow is slowed inside the unit to reduce cell desiccation. The work chamber is maintained at a positive to avoid room contaminants from entering.

Glacier -86˚C Ultra Low Temperature Freezers provide excellent temperature uniformity, significantly reducing sample loss and reducing maintenance. Through customizable features and ergonomic design, we can help you store your research in confidence.

AireGard Laminar Airflow Workstations deliver a higher level of product protection for work in progress. Ergonomic design features reduce fatigue and improve process accuracy.

Be sure to stop by NuAire booth 2124 to view the range.