Product News: Clean Room Polypropylene Pass-Thru

20 Feb 2012

NuAire’s new “Metal Free” Clean Room Pass-Thru is the ideal product for use in a Semi Conductor Laboratory, as well as a Pharmaceutical Clean Room, where a sterile environment is critical.

The Pass-Thru is inserted through a wall between two rooms, you are then able to send items through this from the outside (un-sterile area) into a sterile area, such as a Semi-Conductor Laboratory or a Pharmacy Clean Room where the items need to be in a sterile environment.

Constructed entirely from ½” thick stress relieved seam-welded white Polypropylene, including the handles, latches, and screws, there is no chance of rusting or deterioration. The 24”x 24” pass thru open area has clear Polycarbonate viewing windows on both sides. The Clean Room Pass Thru can be custom ordered with an interlock, which allows only one door to open at a time.