Product News: New HD Color Camera Head

03 Feb 2012

The new high definition DS-Fi2 color camera head is now available as part of Nikon’s range of Digital Sight cameras for microscopic imaging. The DS-Fi2 offers high frame rates and a strong dynamic range making it ideal for both research and clinical applications in combination with Nikon’s new Eclipse Ni and Ci series microscopes.

The DS-Fi2 features superb performance from the high definition 5-megapixel camera. The newly developed CCD control circuit significantly increases the frame rate up to 21 frames per second. Effortless fast focus allows the user to easily search the sample for the region of interest. In addition, high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range of 1000:1 enable the capture of clear, sharp images.

The DS range offers the flexibility of separate camera heads and control units so that users can choose a combination from each range according to application. Digital camera heads can be connected with either stand-alone or PC control-based units.