Product News: Next Generation Ductless Fume Hood

09 Feb 2012

AirClean® Systems has announced the release of its latest ductless fume hood - Independence™.

The Independence™ ductless fume hood incorporates AirClean® Systems’ latest breakthroughs in gas phase filtration, filtration monitoring, airflow control and monitoring, and user-friendly interaction.

Unique to Independence™, AirClean® Operating System was written exclusively by AirClean® Systems engineers for ductless fume hood operation and control. AirClean® OS is the technology backbone providing constant control and monitoring of all features found in Independence™. AirSafe™ TOUCH automatic safety controller interfaces with AirClean® OS and provides one touch control of all critical Independence™ functions and safety features.

Independence™ features an integrated chemical reference library in conjunction with an application validation system. The chemical reference library includes over 1000 chemicals approved for use with Silconazyne™ filtration. Silconazyne™, AirClean® Systems’ new bonded gas phase filtration system, incorporates chemically and thermally enhanced dual-filtration media featuring a combination of silica and high capacity activated carbon. Interfilter™ monitoring allows the sampling of air within the filters, in addition to post-filtration air.

Independence™ is the first ductless fume hood that combines ‘true zero’ gas measurement with multiple gas detection methods. Gas detection methods include PID, metal oxide arrays, acid arrays, and standard colorimetric gas sampling tubes. Chemical monitoring is provided as a real-time PPM readout of exhaust air, Interfilter™ air, and room air.

Independence™, the safest ductless fume hood in the world, is the next generation in ductless fume hood technology from AirClean® Systems. Join our revolution and declare your Independence™ from expensive traditional exhaust hoods.