Product News: Nexcelom Bioscience to Showcase Latest Advancements in Automated Cell Counting at ASCB 2009

01 Dec 2009

Learn about the latest additions to the versatile line of Cellometer Automated Cell Counters including the Cellometer Auto X4, a fluorescence assisted automated cell counter for reliable automated counting of primary cells, and new PBMC viability analysis supported by Cellometer Vision. Visit booth 1420 to see a demo and receive a free T-shirt.

Introducing Cellometer Auto X4
A fluorescence assisted automated cell counter ideal for reliable automated counting of primary cells, such as PBMCs, splenocytes and more.
• Fluorescence imaging mode ensures accurate counting of nucleated cells from RBC’s, platelets or tissue debris
• Interchangeable filter sets allow detection of other fluorophores such as PI, for viability determination of cell lines
• Brightfield mode for counting cell lines and trypan blue viability

New PBMC viability analysis
Cellometer Vision now supports PBMC and primary cell viability determination using a novel dual fluorescence staining technique. Visit our booth to learn more.
Cellometer Vision’s established list of cell analysis applications will also be showcased. This versatile instrument delivers quantitative data in 30 seconds with only 20uL of sample, simplifying applications such as:
• Quantifying GFP transfection efficiency
• Counting and sizing of primary adipocytes
• Propidium iodide viability
• Annexin-V for detection of apoptosis
• Determining viability of PBMCs and other primary cells
• Counting and calculating viability of primary hepatocytes