Product News: Nexcelom Bioscience to Showcase Latest Advancements in Automated Cell Counting at AACR

14 Apr 2009

Visit Nexcelom Bioscience at booth 125, and see the latest additions to the popular line of Cellometer Automated Cell Counters and Fluorescence Cell Analyzers. Also, stop by to be entered to win a Cellometer Automated Cell Counter Starter Kit!

See What’s New for 2009:

• New Cellometer Auto Software counts cells twice as fast! 
         -Now counts most cell samples in less than 15 seconds. 
         -Many other new features have been added including:  

>Auto saving/exporting of data & cell images: creates a data trail of all cell analysis activity. 
>One click print, export, and data analysis: instantly get cell sample data.

• Cellometer Vision, Fast, Simple Fluorescence Cell Profiler, Now Supports DAPI, APC & More!

Cellometer Vision, a simple-to-use fluorescence cell profiler, requires only 20uL of sample and simplifies many fluorescence cell analysis assays, such as determining GFP Transfection rates and PI Viability.

We will introduce new features and applications to further expand the capabilities of this versatile instrument, such as:
• UV optics for DAPI detection
• Deep Red optics for APC detection
• Accurate counting of primary hepatocytes
• Non-flow, clog-free live/dead blood cell counting
• Calcein AM & PI/EB for live dead cell counting from digested tissue

Find out more at AACR booth number 125, or visit the Nexcelom Website.