Product News: Nexcelom Bioscience Extends Line of Automated cell Counting Instruments with Launch of High Throughput Model

23 Dec 2008

Nexcelom Bioscience LLC, provider of innovative automated cell counting products for cell biology, cancer research and drug discovery, today announced it has extended its product line with the launch of the Cellometer Auto M4, high throughput automated cell counter. The Auto M4 incorporates all the unique benefits of the proven Cellometer platform, and broadens its capabilities by allowing users to count entire panels of cell lines with increased walk-away and data handling capabilities.

“Cellometer cell counters typically take less than 30 seconds to count one sample, but instead of waiting for each sample to be counted and analyzed before loading the next, the Auto M4 allows users to acquire all cell images first, and then count the entire panel of cells without being present at the instrument.” said Craig Weiss, Vice President of Marketing at Nexcelom Bioscience. “The cell images acquired in the lab can be analyzed and counted on separate computers on the network, eliminating the need to return to the bench to analyze results thus freeing up time at the bench by 50% or more.”

Cellometer Auto M4 also features enhanced optics capabilities that doubles the measurement area and increases statistical accuracy.

“The Cellometer Auto M4 was developed in response to users who employ cell lines for drug screening. They need to accurately analyze panels of different cell lines in a more efficient manner than one sample at a time.” Craig concluded, “Other features such as automatic sample id generation and automated data organization increases efficiency, reduces the chance of errors, and offers higher counting throughput for the lab.”

Like other Cellometer instruments, the Auto M4 has a very compact footprint of only 3.5 by 4 inches, saving lab bench space. Auto M4 software incorporates the intuitive and powerful Cellometer cell counting algorithm for accurately counting cells, determining viability, measuring cell sizes, and more.

Unlike other high throughput automated counters, the Auto M4 features economical, easy-to-load disposable counting chambers which require only 20µl of sample. Disposable counting chambers also eliminate the need for on-board liquid handling, washing steps between samples and the potential for clogging and cross-contamination.

The launch of Cellometer Auto M4 reflects Nexcelom Bioscience’s continued dedication to innovating rapidly in response to customers’ needs. Since Cellometer was launched in 2006, scientists in the biomedical and life science fields around the world have been using the novel cell counting solution in their daily research and development activities.