Product News: Newly Developed and Established Chromatography Products at ACHEMA 2009

27 Apr 2009

MACHEREY-NAGEL introduces new ground breaking chromatography products for HPLC, GC and Sample Preparation at booth H36-J38, hall 6.1.

• As a new member of the successfully introduced NUCLEODUR® product line of spherical, high purity silica packings, MACHEREY-NAGEL launches a new HILIC column with outstanding polar-ionic selectivity features.

• OPTIMA® BioDiesel GC columns have been developed for the DIN-EN-conform analysis of biodiesel.

• Spherical polymeric SPE phases CHROMABOND® HR-X (neutral), HR-XC (cation exchanger) or HR-XA (anion exchanger) with excellent recovery rates, also for critical matrices such as serum, plasma and urine, complete the broad range of MACHEREY-NAGEL adsorbents in SPE.

• For ISCO® Companion® and further Flash instruments a new series of CHROMABOND® Flash RS cartridges with a comprehensive range of phases and adsorbent weights will be introduced.