Product News: New Tools for Next Generation Sequencing

09 Oct 2009

DNASTAR’s SeqMan NGen is a high capacity assembly tool developed to work alongside Lasergene (version 8.0 and higher) sequence analysis software to provide tools for use with Next Generation sequence platforms. Lasergene v8.1 will be introduced in November and will provide additional reporting and capacity features.

Key Features of NGen include:

  • Easy to use Graphic User Interface
  • Designed for use on desk top computers (Windows and Macintosh)
  • Modular concept allowing users to “graduate” up to Next Generation sequencing applications without a need to change their sequence analysis software 
  • Applications in 4 key areas 
  • Reference-guided genomic assembly
  • SNP analysis in “Deep” assemblies with coverage ranging to 200,000 or more and reporting and   filtering capabilities designed to permit easy project customization
  • de novo assembly 
  • Transcriptome assembly 
  • Easy assembly and analysis software minimizes learning curve and support requirements

A free software trial is available to see how NGen and Lasergene v8.0 can be used on your NGS projects. For more information follow the Company Article Page link at the top right of this page.