Product News: New Software Launch for DataPaq 2D Barcode Scanning

12 Feb 2010

Ziath is pleased to announce the launch of a major new version of its ground breaking 2D barcode scanning software; DataPaq. This new software offers several new features including intuitive direct database loading of results to all database vendors (next-generation from ODBC) and XML exporting.

Further features include:

• Keyword replacement in output files
• XML output
• Date, time and barcode replacement in filename for driverless integration mode
• Remote interface system configuration retrieval
• Live settings update

The same super easy to use ‘single-click’ for any make, any model of tube is there; along with the new features which further enhances DataPaq’s outstanding usability to remove scanning headaches and drastically reduce training requirements.

Full Details

DataPaq is a leading barcode scanning product to scan 2D barcoded racks for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical and other industries. With zero configuration, DataPaq can scan Matrix, AbGene, Micronic, FluidX, Matrical, Remp (including coloured samples) and more. If you are new to barcoded sample tracking or an expert; DataPaq will fulfil all your scanning requirements. The A6-sized scanner is currently our most popular product. It offers easy set up, straight out of the box, and with only a few minutes needed for configuration, you’ll be ready to start scanning in no time at all. A one-time automatic calibration means that you’ll then be set up and ready to read any and all tubes. For integration to automated platforms or LIMS two methods are available to allow either simple driverless integration or sophisticated client-server based integration.

See below for a list of features:

High Speed Single Rack Scanner (A6)

• Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
• Scanning Device: Modified Fujitsu flatbed scanner
• Compatible rack vendors
    o Thermo Matrix
    o Thermo Abgene
    o Thermo Nunc
    o Remp
    o Micronic
    o FluidX
    o …. And all other 2D coded tubes
• Compatible rack sizes: 384, 96, 48, 24
• Export data to Excel, text, XML, rack images
• Fast Scanning — 5 seconds per rack
• Displays damaged/missing tubes
• One-click scan for any size or brand of tube
• Simple installer — no dongles required
• Multiple scanners/multiple configurations
• 110/220 v automatically selected
• Fully integratable into robotics platforms