Product News: New Single Source Capabilities for In Vitro Diagnostic Kit Production Featured at AACC 2017

08 Aug 2017

DWK Life Sciences, having successfully completed the integration of three industry-leading brands into a single, unified international brand, DURAN WHEATON KIMBLE (DWK), is proud to offer the diagnostics industry a convenient, reliable, and complete solution for developing and producing IVD diagnostic kits. Combining our expertise in leak-resistant plastic containers, dropping bottles and closures, diagnostic vials and other innovative packaging solutions with our capabilities in bar coding, particulate cleaning, sterile processing, and an in-house quality control team, DWK Life Sciences offers everything you need to simplify your supply chain for IVD production.

The advantages of working with a one-stop-shop include improved efficiency and productivity. Your IVD packaging engineers can now work with only one company from start to finish. You can be assured of complete manufacturing traceability and quality control that meets regulatory requirements for in13485 certification for medical devices.

You benefit from the ability to work with an experienced, trusted partner to produce kits to meet your specifications in the quantities you need. Just-in-time delivery means you have the kits when you need them.

“Our customers in the diagnostics industry will quickly appreciate the greater convenience and time and money they can save when they are able to purchase all of their IVD kit materials from a single supplier,” says Doug Harris, VP of Sales and Marketing.

"Having everything available to be shipped at the same time from one source can help reduce inventory needs and avoid waiting time to receive supplies from multiple providers. The benefits are immediate and tangible."