Product News: New Robotic Vial Handler, XL100

20 Sep 2011

BioMicroLab has announced the release of the XL100 Vial Handler a bench top system for decapping and recapping cryovials from Sarstedt, Nunc, ABgene, Greiner, Nalgene, and others.

The XL100 replaces common manual tasks such as the decapping and recapping vials for downstream processes, data collection of sample ID and volume of incoming samples, consolidating racks of sample tubes to save space in freezers, re-arraying sample tubes for efficient liquid handling operations, weighing tubes for sample volume tracking.

The XL100 processes capped vials for walk-away vial decapping. It’s able to decap or recap a vial in ~25 seconds and is compatible with screw cap vials up to 100mm in height. An automated cap feeder is available. Scientists in compound sample management labs and biobanks will find this system particularly useful. It will also be of interest to anyone looking for easy-to-use automation for capping and decapping large numbers of screw cap vials.

XL100 Vial Handler

The XL100 Vial Handler is a bench top vial sorter that works with a wide range of test tubes and vials. XL100 options include an automated sample balance and tube decapping stations. The XL100 modular design allows for an upgrade path to automate liquid handling tasks.
Compatible vials and tubes include:

• Micro-tubes (96 tube rack 2D format)
• 2ml Plastic Vials (2D and 1D barcoded vials)
• 4ml - 8ml Glass Vials (2D and 1D barcoded vials)
• Test tubes (1D barcoded tubes)
• Other glass & plastic labware

XL100 lab automation features include:

• Decapping & capping of test tubes
• Sorting and transferring sample tubes
• Weighing tubes (0.1mg or 0.01mg readability)
• Scans both 1D or 2D barcodes
• Creates output files with tube location and weight

The XL100 includes Windows based control software that is easy to use and ready for user work lists. The software's intuitive interface makes the XL100 operable by a wide variety of users. The XL100 uses the same Windows and ActiveX software as the XL20 system.

Robust Reliability

The XL100's robotic platform is engineered for robust continuous operation. Encoder based automation combined with the XL100's 2D tube scanner, 1D tube spinner/scanner, and barcoded tube rack management features ensure reliable operation.

Innovative Features

The XL100 brings easy to use robotic vial and tube handling to the bench top. Features include individual tube identification, barcoded rack setup, and detailed log files.


The XL100 automates handling sample tubes for:

• Compound library management
• Sample weighing
• Preparation of samples
• Sorting of specific assays
• Re-array processing


The XL100 can be custom configured for a variety of lab automation tasks. All models have a 20 position deck (20 SBS type racks) with all options installed. All models can include both 1D and 2D barcode readers.

• XL100 base model with 2D reader and balance
• XL100 base model with 1D reader and balance
• XL100 base model with 1D reader, balance, and decapper
• XL100 base model with lab specific configuration