Product News: New Racks Expand Labware Loading Flexibility

29 Jun 2007

Velocity11 (Menlo Park, CA), an innovator in automation technology solutions for life science laboratories, has expanded the range of Labware Racks available for its popular BenchCel® Microplate Handling System and VStack® Labware Stacker.

Now, Velocity11 will offer three different labware rack types to best suit the diverse application needs of its customers. The existing economy rack will continue to be supplied as standard equipment on the BenchCel® Microplate Handling System and VStack® Labware Stacker. A new slot-style rack will be optionally available in four sizes (tall, standard, small and extra-small). The slot-style rack has been designed to allow users to simply load a stack of ANSI compliant labware (microplates, lidded microplates, tube racks and disposable tip boxes) by sliding them in from the top of the rack down in a continuous path.

Additionally, a new front opening door-style premium rack will be available in two sizes - standard and extra small. For users who want to avoid lifting labware above the top of a rack, the door-style rack features easy front loading even while attached to the BenchCel® Microplate Handler or VStack® Stacker. Users can choose to load labware either by using the opening-door feature or load as with the slot-style racks. The front door mechanism has a positive locking feature to ensure the labware is held securely. The door-style rack in extra-small size is ideal for instruments placed in safety hoods, where access for loading labware is limited and taller racks will not fit due to the height limitation of the hood. All three rack styles work with Velocity11 products in a forward or reverse position, so racks can be conveniently accessed for instruments that are positioned away from users.

The latest R-Series BenchCel Microplate Handler is a robust benchtop microplate handling system that delivers the speed and precision of much larger and more expensive automation platforms. The R-Series BenchCel Microplate Handling System features a unique high-speed plate shuttle that accesses the integrated microplate stacks and peripheral instruments. Even the smallest R-Series BenchCel Microplate Handler can support three peripheral instruments allowing customers to create highly configurable Workstations that combine a broad range of functionality, including barcode labeling, microplate sealing, plate reading, centrifugation as well as sophisticated liquid handling using Velocity11 or third-party peripherals. Users can choose from 2, 4, or 6-labware rack instrument configurations, and from four different sizes of removable racks with capacities of 15 to 70 standard microplates.

The VStack® Automated Plate Stacker is a sophisticated device for dispensing and receiving microplates from robotic systems. The VStack Labware Stacker provides the compact size and speed demanded in today's automated systems. The VStack Stacker can be ordered with the standard-equipment rack, the slot-style rack, or the door-style rack for convenient access to plates. Its versatile design accommodates all types of microplates as well as pipette tip boxes and pin tools. Designed to hold a single type of plate per run, the VStack Stacker's compact size allows for multiple stackers to be used in your system, increasing the speed and efficiency of your automated protocols.