Product News: New Productivity Suite from Varian, Inc. Increases Throughput for NMR Laboratories

05 Oct 2009

Varian, Inc. have announced a suite of new products to enhance the flexibility and automated use of its 400-MR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) system. The collection of new tools comprises the OneNMR™ probe, a choice of two autosamplers, and an easy to use, customer-centric software package. Designed with enhanced sample throughput and streamlined data management in mind, each piece can improve laboratory workflows on its own. Implemented as a complete package, these new products provide unmatched productivity for routine chemical applications in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and academic environments.

The 400 MHz OneNMR™ probe represents a significant design breakthrough combining the performance advantages of both direct (carbon) and indirect (proton) detection in a single multi-use probe. The probe is available in two versions. One version can be tuned manually or automatically with ProTune™. The second version incorporates a new 3rd generation piezoelectric (Protune-PZT) tuning module. The new probes eliminate time consuming probe changes, significantly enhancing system uptime and overall productivity.

The 7510-AS (12-sample) and 7600-AS (96-sample) autosamplers increase system efficiency by eliminating idle time between runs and enable users to extend the workday with unattended operation. Both systems were designed and built to provide for extended, maintenance-free operation.

The all-new VnmrJ 3.0 software drives the system and is designed for multi-user, walk-up and high-throughput customers alike. With its sample-centric data management structure and intuitive user interface, the package provides for queuing of multiple samples yet provides the flexibility for interrupting operation in the case of priority samples.

"Integrating the automation package with the 400-MR system enables our customers to get the most out of their NMR resources," said Martin O'Donoghue, senior vice president of scientific instruments, Varian, Inc. "Researchers will be able to focus on science and worry less about the setup and operation of the NMR system itself."