Product News: New PerkinElmer Application Note Demonstrates Use of LAMBDA 1050 to Gain High Resolution Measurements in the NIR

08 Feb 2008

PerkinElmer announced a new application note that focuses on how the advanced features of the LAMBDA 1050 help ensure that demanding design requirements can be validated and controlled throughout the development and manufacturing process.

The new LAMBDA 1050 spectrophotometer with its unique PMT, InGaAs and PbS 3-detector module enables measurements at high resolution in the NIR region with excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

This higher accuracy and sensitivity in the NIR makes the instrument ideally suited for the characterization of a wide variety of materials including optical filters from simple neutral density to the most complex multi-layered filter designs and the characterization of thin film coatings used in state of the art solar cell design and manufacture.

Visit the Article Webpage for more information about the new LAMBDA 1050 UV/VIS/NIR spectrophotometer and to download the full application note.