Product News: New Mortar Grinder for Multiple Applications

24 Nov 2011

Fritsch has introduced a new mortar grinder the Pulverisette 2. Used for universal grinding of medium-hard-brittle to soft-brittle grinding materials (dry or in suspension) to analysis fineness and the creation and homogenization of pastes and creams at laboratory scale.

Particularly useful when applied to mining and metallurgy, chemistry, geology and mineralogy, glass, ceramics, agriculture, foodstuffs, pharmacy, stones and soils.

Method of operation

Similar to a hand mortar, the grinding sample is comminuted by pressure and friction between a pestle and mortar bowl. The mortar bowl is turned by a gear motor and drives the pestle with its freely rotating bearing through friction.

Features overview

• Fast, uniform comminution
• Introduction of additional materials into the ongoing process
• Removal and installation of mortar bowl and pestle requires no tools (bayonet quick catch)
• Reproducible pestle adjustment without tools even during grinding
• Preliminary comminution setting for coarse samples
• Easy cleaning thanks to removable mortar bowl and pestle
• 7 different materials for mortar and pestle for pure sample grinding.