Product News: New Micro Bioreactor from TAP Biosystems

22 Sep 2011

TAP Biosystems have announced a new Media Development Micro Bioreactor for use in the ambr™ system.

The Media Development Micro Bioreactor, which is sterile and fully disposable, was developed from the standard ambr micro bioreactor and is designed without a sparge tube. The Media Development Micro Bioreactor makes it possible to culture cells without antifoam. This innovation will allow bioprocess scientists to optimise their media formulations and determine how specific components influence growth and productivity.

The new micro bioreactor (10-15mL working volume) can mimic the behaviour of a large scale bioreactor using features such as an integral impeller for mixing; integrated pH and DO sensors for monitoring and control; as well as an access port for automated addition of reagents/feeds and automated sampling during runs.

Dr Barney Zoro, ambr Product Manager at TAP Biosystems stated: "Bioprocess scientists sometimes want to culture cells without antifoam to focus purely on the balance of nutrients within the medium. To enable scientists to operate the ambr system without antifoam we assessed the surface aeration in our standard micro bioreactor, determined there is sufficient gas exchange to support CHO cell cultures and so have removed the sparge tube in our new design.”

Zoro continued: “We’re delighted to be previewing the new Media Development micro bioreactor at the PEACe Conference because it will extend the functionality of the ambr technology for many scientists. We welcome these researchers to our stand and look forward to showing them how using an ambr system with the new Media Development Micro Bioreactors could help improve the efficiency of their experimental programmes.”