Product News: New method concentrates environmental samples without losing volatile analytes

22 May 2008

Genevac, world leader in solvent evaporation technologies, has developed in conjunction with several leading laboratories a new method which enables environmental samples to be concentrated to less than 1ml without losing any volatile analytes.

A series of independent technical papers demonstrating the new methodology may be downloaded via the article webpage.

It is of great benefit to concentrate samples prior to analysis to help accurately determine levels of different analytes. Over the last 15 years, to safeguard sample integrity during rapid and safe evaporation, Genevac has pioneered the development of a range of innovations including SampleGuard™ temperature control, the Dri-Pure® anti-bumping system and most recently the unique SampleGenie™ technology.

The ingenious patented design of SampleGenie™ enables Genevac's popular EZ-2 series centrifugal evaporators to accelerate the pooling of multiple large volume environmental sample fractions into a single small sample vial. This, and the advanced automation offered by the Genevac EZ-2 Series, helps users to significantly increase recovery of volatiles, improve result uniformity and increase productivity in environmental analysis.

Using the most advanced proven technology in evaporation science, the EZ-2 Series is able to evaporate solvents in typically half the time of other evaporator designs. Years of experience in solvent evaporation and sample purification have culminated in a smart sample evaporator that saves you time and delivers optimal performance and solvent recovery. Running an EZ-2 Series evaporator is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Just load your samples, select maximum safe temperature for samples, select solvent type and hit start. Requiring no peripherals for operation the compact EZ-2 fits neatly onto a laboratory bench or into a fume hood. All key components on the robust and reliable system are user serviceable further lowering the cost of ownership.