Product News: New LC Solutions to Meet your Needs

19 Mar 2012

Whatever your requirements, speed, throughput, yield, purity or running-costs most of these aims are connected to improved resolution. Learn about KNAUER analytical LC systems and purification solutions on display at Arablab 2012 to meet your needs.

Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) chromatography systems enable binary or pseudo-binary mixtures to be separated into pure substances or fractions. Compared to traditional batch chromatography this process leads to higher yields of purified substances while consuming up to 90% less eluent.

KNAUER Bioline biochromatography systems can speed up and simplify all common types of biochromatography techniques such as size exclusion, ion exchange or affinity chromatography. Significantly higher resolution and speed is made possible through pressure resistant glass columns and specially reinforced agarose-based high performance separation media. Bioline LC systems save valuable laboratory space and operating costs, because of their unique benchtop cooling feature.

PLATINblue UHPLC and fast HPLC systems are capable of running under standard HPLC conditions, fast LC conditions, and true UHPLC up to 1000 bar (15000 psi). With the new “PLATINblue HPLC Plus”, routine HPLC up to 750 bar can be carried out plus the system is fully upgradeable to UHPLC anytime.

KNAUER also offers osmometers for chemistry and clinical use.

KNAUER are also hosting a lecture.
Efficient Purification Solutions in Liquid Chromatography, Dr. Birger Holz.
March 29, 15.00 p.m.
Seminar Room: “A”

Visit booth 507 to learn more.