Product News: New help for protein researchers on Malvern website

31 Aug 2006

A new interactive function on the Malvern Instruments website allows researchers to quickly determine the minimum sample concentration required for measurements of their protein with the company’s Zetasizer Nano systems.

Users simply need to enter the molecular weight of their biomolecule into the Zetasizer Nano Minimum Concentration Calculator. Separate sections on the calculator cover sizing, zeta potential and molecular weight determinations.

Malvern’s Zetasizer Nano is now the most widely used light scattering system for the size measurement of particles and molecules in solution. It is designed specifically to meet the low sample volume and high sensitivity requirements essential for protein characterization.

Easy to use and measuring molecules as small as 0.3 nm hydrodynamic radius, the Zetasizer Nano offers the high sensitivity required for the measurement of solutions of proteins. Applications include protein size and molecular weight measurement, screening for protein crystallization conditions, determining aggregates, and measuring melting points. Furthermore, size trends as a function of pH or additive concentration, for example, can be automated by coupling it to the MPT-2 autotitrator.

To use the calculator, visit the article webpage.