Product News: New Glass Pressure Reactor System Simplifies Chemical Reactions at Elevated Pressures

16 Aug 2010

The Atlas Potassium Pressure System from Syrris Ltd is a modular 3 bar pressure reactor that can be controlled automatically or manually. It is designed for applications where elevated pressures are required, ideal for protocols requiring hydrogenation or carbonylation.

Offering powerful overhead stirring and a temperature range of -80 to +200 °C, the basic system provides automatic temperature and stirrer control, as well as pressure sensing. In addition, PED/ASME compliance, a burst disc and pressure relief valve makes the system extremely safe. Modes of operation include: manual pressure control, automatic pressure maintenance, pressure control with mass flow monitoring, mass flow control and off gas monitoring.

Control via the Atlas base can be manual or automated, enabling the simple logging of all data to a .csv file, which is easily downloadable to a USB stick. In addition, optional PC control offers advanced functionality, including the complete automation of all parameters, alarms and real-time graphs.