Product News: New Gene Expression Analysis Software by DNASTAR further Eases Use for Researchers

20 May 2008

DNASTAR, Inc., a leading bioinformatics software company, has released the latest upgrade to its microarray gene expression analysis software. ArrayStar v2.1 brings users new functionality in the areas of normalization, gene classification and file formats that can be used with the software.

In keeping with the company's initial strategy, ArrayStar v2.1 continues to focus on being easy for users to learn how to use and to use for their projects.

ArrayStar was introduced initially to provide users with state-of-the-art visualization and statistical analysis tools to rapidly and easily track changes in gene expression levels and the association of genes during experimental research.

This included the generation of Heat Map and Scatter Plots, gene tables, and a variety of statistical analyses, among many other analytical method provided. Additional ease-of-use and ability to work with microarrays from a variety of sources are key components of the new software.