Product News: New G:BOX Chemi IR6 System for IR Image Analysis

13 Apr 2011

Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions is delighted to introduce the G:BOX Chemi IR6, a new multi-application imaging system, designed for scientists that want a rapid and affordable method of analysing IR and fluorescently stained proteins on multiplexed Western blots.

The new G:BOX Chemi IR6 with its combination of tried and tested lighting, filters and high-resolution 6 megapixel CCD camera allows users to image any combination of commercial IR dyes including LI-COR dyes (IRDye® 680 and IRDye® 800) or Thermo Fisher dyes (DyLight® 680 and DyLight® 800), as well as standard fluorescent and visible dyes in under 40 seconds.

Contained in a safe, light tight cabinet, images are captured by the G:BOX Chemi IR6 using the revolutionary new GeneSys image capture software. The GeneSys software selects the optimal filter/lighting combinations by utilising its unique database containing imaging conditions for hundreds of commercially available DNA, RNA, protein and IR dyes. Users can then select their preferred protocol and the G:BOX Chemi IR6 will automatically capture a high-quality image of the
different dyes.

Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s Divisional Manager stated: “Laser-based scanners can detect IR dyes on Westerns but are expensive and limited in their application because they cannot image many fluorescent or chemiluminescent dyes. This is why we are so proud to introduce our G:BOX Chemi IR6 as an affordable alternative, to the imaging market today.”

Laura concluded: “The G:BOX Chemi IR6 system can generate quality images of multiplex IR Westerns in a fraction of the time a laser-based scanner can, and the system is so versatile it can image all commercial fluorescent, chemiluminescent and visible dyes as well. Scientists looking for leading-edge, cost-efficient technology for analysing any Western blot would benefit from considering a G:BOX Chemi IR6 system for their laboratory.”