Product News: New Experiment and Sample Management Software from Ziath

22 Aug 2011

Ziath are introducing a new software management tool called ‘Samples’ which is designed to keep experiments organised. It helps streamline workflow by providing organised storage of all items that make up a protocol.

Result images, documents, data files, websites and references can be linked directly to the protocol. Protocols can be exported, imported and shared with colleagues. Additionally, ‘Samples’ integrates with Ziath’s DataPaq™ 2D barcode readers, allowing for high speed scanning of sample racks. All scanned samples are imported into the software ready for use in a protocol.

The inventory of samples can be configured to track sample location, as well as user-defined Tracking Tags, such as Rack, Sample ID or by Barcode.

Ziath will be launching ‘Samples’ at ELRIG Drug Discovery in September 2011.