Product News: New eLINE Dispenser from Biohit!

12 Jan 2007

A new member of Biohit’s eLINE product family is the Electronic Dispenser. The unique TipGuide suggests to the user the most suitable tip size thus eliminating the chance of improper tip selection.

Just set the desired volume and number of dispensings. The TipGuide will display the correct tip size for the task at hand.

The eLINE Dispenser offers Six Operating Modes. These include Multiple Dispensing, Pipetting, Diluting, Sequential Dispensing, Automatic Multiple Dispensing, and Multi-Aspirating.

The unit is especially convenient for dispensings in long series or with viscous and high vapor pressure liquids.

The eLINE Dispenser is engineered/designed to fit in all existing eLINE charging stands or carousels.

Additional features include Electronic Tip Ejection, Simple Programming with the Easy-to-Use Keypad and Contamination Free Design. The Volume Range of the Dispenser is from 1 µl to 50 ml.