Product News: New Consolidated Cardiac and STAT Quality Control Displayed at AACC 2013

02 Aug 2013

Clinical laboratory staff now have a tool that combines routine and cardiac/STAT monitoring markers for patients without the need for separate QC.

The Thermo Scientific MAS Omni•CARDIO controls consolidate routine cardiac markers including Troponin I and T, CK-MB, Myoglobin, NT-proBNP and BNP-32 with several new cardiac/STAT markers including Myeloperoxidase, hCG, D-Dimer and Procalcitonin. These new analytes extend the usage of MAS Omni•CARDIO controls into the ER/ICU hospital setting, where rapid turnaround and reporting of tests is critical to the support of potentially life threatening situations.

MAS Omni•CARDIO offers five control levels—the available Ultra Low and Low options offer specific Troponin I and T low-level challenges, which are increasingly demanded by clinical laboratories.
Synonymous with quality, reliability, convenience and choice, the Thermo Scientific MAS Omni•CARDIO control products are the fourth addition to the MAS Omni quality control family, which also includes control kits marketed as MAS Omni•IMMUNE, MAS Omni•IMMUNE PRO and MAS Omni•CORE. In keeping with these other QC kits, the new MAS Omni•CARDIO control provides real-world benefits and cost savings through reduced QC usage.

Value assignment is provided for integrated instrument systems from the leading IVD manufacturers. QC results can also be submitted into Thermo Fisher’s web-based quality assurance program, LabLink xL, for daily and peer-based comparison.

The MAS Omni product line offers clinicians the opportunity to consolidate up to seven separate QC products into three while maintaining class-leading stability and performance claims.