Product News: New Columns and HPLC From Varian Deliver Fast LC Capability

11 Mar 2008

The Varian 920-LC is a fully automated, computer controlled analytical HPLC system that offers "Fast LC" capabilities, state of the art performance and improved productivity. When used with short, highly efficient Varian's Pursuit XRs Ultra 2.8 and Pursuit UPS 2.4 HPLC columns packed with sub 3 micron particles, chemists will be able to achieve shorter analysis times, better peak shapes (10-15% higher efficiency) and better quality data.

The 920-LC comprises a pumping system, an autosampler and one or more detectors. The system is preconfigured, pre-plumbed and pre-tested before shipment, significantly reducing the time required to achieve maximum sample throughput. A choice of built-in, programmable dual-wavelength or information-rich Diode Array (190-900 nm) UV-Vis detectors feature low noise and high sensitivity to deliver lower detection limits for trace analysis. Optional fluorescence, refractive index, and evaporative light scattering detectors allow a wide variety of analyses to be performed with the 920-LC.

The new columns allow chromatographers to analyze samples faster while achieving higher resolution and reducing the cost per analysis. Pursuit XRs Ultra 2.8 provides enhanced speed for virtually any HPLC instrument, allowing chemists to increase flow rates and use a wide range of mobile phases without going above the maximum operating pressure of the instrument. At the same time, it delivers better resolution (10-15% higher efficiency) than typical 3 micron columns. Users can get high speed performance from conventional LC systems, avoiding the need to invest in new equipment.

Pursuit UPS 2.4 columns are designed to provide improved performance on standard 'low dead-volume' HPLC systems without the need for ultra-high pressures. With approximately 50% lower back pressure than sub-2 micron columns, and near equal efficiencies, Pursuit UPS 2.4 delivers better resolution and increased sensitivity at moderate flows and back pressures.