Product News: New classification feature for Morphologi G2

08 Feb 2007

A new classification feature in the software of Malvern Instruments’ Morphologi G2 high sensitivity particle size and shape analyzer allows the rapid identification and statistical assessment of different particle populations within a single sample.

Particles can now be classified on the basis of size or shape, or a combination of both factors.The software feature is an integral part of any new purchase and is available as an upgrade to existing Morphologi G2 customers at no cost.

Ideal for the identification of agglomerates and foreign particles, the classification feature enables users to direct their statistical shape and size analysis solely on those particles of interest within a sample. The ability to classify according to size and shape extends the value of this function to applications with shape sensitivity.

The Morphologi G2 is a powerful image analysis system widely used across a range of industrial sectors. Simple to use it incorporates the latest optics and a high-resolution digital Firewire camera ensuring exceptional image quality. With a capacity to measure hundreds of thousands of particles in minutes, the Morphologi G2 delivers statistical size and shape data with no operator bias.