Product News: NEW CellKey™384 Label-free Detection System to showcase at SBS 2008 Conference

17 Mar 2008

MDS Analytical Technologies unveils its new CellKey™384 System at the 2008 SBS Conference. This high-throughput, label-free, cell-based assay technology is now in 384-well format. The system identifies and measures the functional response of a wide range of endogenously expressed and transfected targets.

You can also see the following high performance bioanalytical measurement systems on display in Molecular Devices’ (now a part of MDS Analytical Technologies) booth #401:

  • SpectraMax® Readers—highly efficient, flexible single- and multi-mode microplate readers.
  • AquaMax™ System—liquid handling system provides precise dispensing and thorough washing, all in one instrument.
  • IonWorks™ Quattro System—turnkey automated patch-clamp system for primary and secondary screening with Population Patch Clamp technology.
  • FLIPR TETRA® System with Aequorin Option—reliable, flexible high-throughput screening solution to monitor GPCRs and ion channels. The system performs fluorescent and luminescent assays including Aequorin.
  • ImageXpress ULTRA™ System—true point-scanning confocal optics and laser-based illumination.

Three important tutorials will be offered as well: label-free technology and applications, cellular imaging for HCS and HCA, as well as advances in automated patch-clamp electrophysiology. Visit our booth #401 at SBS to learn more and speak with our team of product experts. We also invite you to join us on April 7 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm as we sponsor the SBS Welcome Reception at the Gateway Arch.