Product News: New Benchmark in Analytical Performance for Food and Beverages

31 Oct 2014

Shimadzu’s new ICPE-9800 series of simultaneous ICP optical emission spectrometers offers superior accuracy necessary to simultaneously and quickly analyze multiple elements regardless of their concentration levels. The systems reduce analysis costs while providing the highest performance levels in the industry. User-friendly software makes analysis easy. The ICPE-9800 series represent the ultimate in ICP optical emission spectrometry for environmental, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverages analysis.

High performance meets high speed

The ICPE-9800 series provides qualitative as well as quantitative measurement.
• All-wavelengths acquisition allows users to add elements and wavelengths post-analysis without time consuming reanalysis of samples
• The vertical torch orientation reduces carryover while improving particulate handling, ensuring stable low-maintenance analyses.
• Dual view (axial/radial) provides the best combination of sensitivity and wide dynamic range.

User-friendly software

ICPEsolution software allows acquisition for all wavelengths. Assistant functions combine extensive spectral data with a substantial database, enable easy optimization of methods and a simpler, more efficient analytical workflow.
• The diagnosis assistant automatically checks for any problems with the method and suggests the best way to resolve them to quickly obtain accurate analytical values.
• Depending on the concentrations of the targeted elements and the sample matrix, the method development assistant uses the qualitative results to automatically create a method.

Low running cost

• The Eco mode reduces argon gas consumption and high-frequency power during measurement standby time to half of the normal level.
• The patented mini-torch system reduces the argon gas consumption to half the normal level of a conventional torch
• The vacuum optical system does not require any purge gas, which completely eliminates the gas consumption when plasma is switched off.

Download the application note ‘Determination of Heavy Metals in Wine using simultaneous ICP-OEShere.