Product News: New BenchBot Robot - A Microplate Handler for the Automation Workflow

22 Feb 2011

Agilent Automation Solutions has announced the BenchBot Robot - a new mid-sized microplate handler designed to meet the automation workflow needs of diverse laboratories.

The BenchBot Robot incorporates the robust functionality of Agilent Automation's larger automated microplate handlers into a compact design for use in small lab spaces, enabling automation of a wide variety of changing, science-driven workflows.

The BenchBot has the capability to easily integrate with an expansive list of laboratory equipment increasing its utility for applications such as:

• Next-generation sequencing (NGS)
• Microarray sample preparation
• High-throughput LC/MS sample management
• Numerous enzyme and cell-based assays. 
• Microplate-based cell maintenance

Features of the BenchBot Robot  automated microplate handler include:

Compact size—place the BenchBot right where you need it most— on a bench, in a hood, or on a docking table
Unique one–touch programming — the BenchBot learns with a button click

Four-axes of motion—58.9 cm of reach that including devices positioned behind other devices

Open design—easy integration with any of Agilent's automated systems and hundreds of third-party devices

With the BenchBot robot, automated solutions move from large, specialized machines to compact, flexible robots that any scientist can use. The simplicity of the BenchBot's one-touch programming in an application requiring automation of sealing, labeling, spinning, bulk dispensing, plate reading, washing and incubating is demonstrated in the online video * that shows how the fast and easy robotic configuration teaching method minimizes setup time and removes the need for dedicated personnel.