Product News: New automated Cell Culture solutions from HAMILTON

01 Oct 2008

Automated cell culture systems from HAMILTON allow fully automated culture of various cell lines, primary cells and embryonic stem cells. With the CellHOST system, HAMILTON has introduced an automated solution that automates all essential steps in cell culture: seeding of cells, media exchange, cell harvesting or addition of growth factors and compounds. The system consists of a central MICROLAB® STAR pipetting workstation, a sterile housing with laminar flow hood and depending on your personal requirements completely integrated incubators, photometers, plate sealers and storage solutions for compounds.

Since the STAR Line’s “Monitored Air Displacement” technology does not rely on tubings, i.e. pipetting of media and cell solutions works without system liquid, which is a major source of contamination in conventional pipetting systems. The simultaneous real-time monitoring with the channel’s pressure sensor offers highest possible process safety. Thanks to the unrivalled modularity of the STAR Line, each system can be custom tailored to the exact requirements by choosing from different deck-sizes and pipetting options: Up to 16 individual channels (1 or 5ml) can be combined with any of HAMILTON’s multiprobe heads (96, 384 and nano) on one and the same system.

With 3D cell culture, HAMILTON addresses the demands for cells that more closely mimic in vivo characteristics. Together with GCS (Global Cell Solutions Inc.) a standalone cell culture device – the BioLevitatorTM - is developed to offer straightforward 3D cell culture. Integrated on a STAR platform, it will allow hands-free growth, maintenance and monitoring of cell cultures. With this new 3D-CellHOST, HAMILTON takes its cell culture expertise to a new level – and provides users with an optimal, reproducible, and steady supply of cells for various applications, including cell-based assay, high throughput screening and biotech drug production.

To learn more about this emerging revolution in 3D cell culture, join us at the innovation forum at the Biotechnica and experience the full range of automated 3D cell culture at our stands D56 and F30 in Hall 9.