Product News: New Advanced Plating Module for CompacT SelecT Premiered on The Automation Partnership Stand 724 at DDT 2007

07 Aug 2007

The Automation Partnership (TAP) a world leading manufacturer of innovative automation for life science applications today introduced its Advanced Plating Module (APM) on Stand 724, Drug Discovery and Development of Innovative Therapeutics (DDT), Boston.

The APM, designed as an option for automating media changes in microplates on TAP’s CompacT SelecT™, automated cell culture system offers a simple, affordable method of increasing cell culture productivity.

The APM option for CompacT SelecT includes a CO2 cell culture incubator as well as TAP’s unique SelFeeder liquid handling system for plates. This innovative module, controlled by TAP’s powerful new SelPlan software, allows changes of up to ten different media and two wash solutions in standard and transport assay microplates, making it easy to rapidly generate and maintain different cell lines of consistently high quality, without manual intervention.

The APM’s versatile design ensures it can accommodate between 140 to 210 SBS standard 384, 96, 24 and 6-well and Transwell plate formats and the incubator can hold a mix of up to ten, 21-shelf standard plate and 14-shelf medium height Transwell plate hotels. This flexible approach means scientists can use the APM to fully automate plate-based applications that require labour intensive feeding regimes including preparation and maintenance of transport assays, cell based assays and stem cells.

Dr Richard Wales, Business Development Director at TAP commented: “We are delighted to introduce the APM option for our popular CompacT SelecT, automated cell culture system at DDT as it will increase functionality without significantly impacting on budget or space. We look forward to explaining to scientists visiting us on Stand 724 how they can save time culturing and maintaining multiple cell lines thus improving their workflow by adding an APM to their CompacT SelecT.”