Product News: New 48-Way Cryovial Filling For Cell Banking - GMP Validatable System

09 Mar 2011

Fill-It 48-way is a new bench top system to rapidly dispense cell suspensions from bulk stock into cryovials, as well as decapping and recapping ready for cell-banking. Fill-It supports cell line development projects in GMP laboratories, and is compatible with tubes from all major labware manufacturers.

How much time can Fill-It save your laboratory?

Use the Fill-It Online Calculator to see how rapidly you can dispense cell suspensions from bulk stock into cryovials.

By arrangement, Fill-It can be evaluated in your laboratory.

After requesting an evaluation, one of our specialists will contact to discuss the evaluation process in more detail.

Fill-It key features and benefits include:

• Significantly reduces QC costs by enabling rapid creation of larger batches of cryovials for cell banking
• Maintains the quality of cells by minimising the time they are in contact with cryopreservatives
• Supports H&S policy by addressing the risk of RSI from manual capping and decapping of large amounts of cryovials

An exclusive video demonstration of the new Fill-It 48, 24 and 96-way versions in use can be viewed online. It shows how simple and straightforward the system is to use and features the key processes of dispensing and decapping/ recapping screw-cap tubes.