Product News: New 2D Barcode Reader Provides Critical Chain-of-Custody Information

30 Jun 2010

2D barcoding is a valuable tool for sample tracking and storage and provides critical chain-of-custody information. Hamilton Robotics has announced a new 2D Barcode Reader specially designed to provide advanced sample tracking functions on MICROLAB STAR automated liquid handling workstation. This new reader can be used for high-throughput screening, sample archival, forensics, and work with SNPs and blood samples.

The reader's CCD camera records barcodes in less than .5 seconds from a wide range of sample formats including boxes of SBS tubes and biovials in 96-well format. Five labware positions are available on the device. The 2D barcode reader supports a variety of tubes from many manufacturers, in 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well configurations.

"Up to now, MICROLAB STAR users have been required to use third-party 2D barcode readers," explained Scott Eaton, director of clinical and international sales and marketing for Hamilton Robotics. "These third-party devices require more deck space than the Hamilton-designed peripherals, which now include our own reader."