Product News: Perfect Determination of Visco-Elastic Properties with the New NETZSCH DMA 242 E Artemis

05 Feb 2013

The modular design of the dynamic mechanical analyzer DMA 242 E Artemis secures its viability as a long-term investment. This instrument combines easy handling with the user-friendly Proteus measurement and evaluation software to allow for fast and simple characterization of dynamic mechanical properties in real-world applications. Standard data analysis takes less than one minute.

Over 30 different sample holders are available in order to perform measurements on a wide variety of samples while taking material properties into account. In combination with its numerous deformation and measurement modes, the instrument thus accommodates testing over a broad application range.

A step motor with a travelling distance of up to 20 mm allows for precise testing on materials which undergo substantial changes in length during measurement. This is particularly applicable in the various static experiments which can be realized with the DMA 242 E Artemis, such as creep, relaxation and TMA mode.

The robust construction of the DMA 242 E Artemis and the high resolution of the deformation measuring system enable precise measurements on both very rigid and very soft samples. The most varied of deformation types, digital signal filtering, kinetic evaluation and frequency extrapolation make the DMA 242 E Artemis to a real all-rounder.