Product News: Webinar – Learn More about Methods for Determining Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity

02 Apr 2014

When manufacturing high-quality components using a variety of materials, it can be very advantageous to have knowledge not only of a material’s thermal properties but of its thermophysical properties as well. High-performance methods by NETZSCH for determining thermal diffusivity and calculating thermal conductivity are helpful in answering important materials-related questions in the areas of product development, quality assurance, failure analysis and process optimization.

With this in mind, NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing is offering a webinar which is specially tailored to professionals and management personnel who are still relatively inexperienced with regard to thermophysical analysis methods for materials characterization and who wish, specifically, to become more familiar with the LFA (Laser/Light Flash Analysis) Method or are seeking new sources of inspiration in this field.

This webinar will give participants insight into the types of information that can be obtained by means of LFA measurements. Numerous application examples will be used in support of the explanations of the method.

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