Product News: Reproducible DSC Results Now Faster and Easier with the NETZSCH DSC 214 Polyma

01 Nov 2013

Reproducible, fast results and an easy to use measuring instrument are of highest priority in the area of quality control of polymers. These topics were therefore the primary focus in the development of the new NETZSCH DSC 214 Polyma. The result is an instrument optimized for the polymer field, along with fresh ideas for sample preparation and a user-friendly, flexible software.

The core of the newly developed DSC 214 Polyma is comprised of the new Arena furnace for extremely fast heating and cooling rates, the new Corona sensor and the unique Concavus pan. These form a trio of elements perfectly combined for achieving fast and reproducible measurements.

Measurement preparation has been significantly simplified by means of the new SampleCutter, which is available exclusively from NETZSCH, and the brand-new “3in1 Box” containing 96 pre-sorted, securely packed Concavus pans.

Maximum time saving is, however, achieved by the new SmartMode of the measuring software. Pre-defined methods and automatic calibration allow for the measurement to be started at the push of a button. Also, the introduction of the AutoEvaluation function has set a new standard in the evaluation of measurement results. For the first time, it is now possible to determine thermal effects in the measuring curve automatically.

Yet another completely novel software development is Identify. This one-of-a kind algorithm can be used to identify unknown polymers. In addition, Identify can compare results from routine quality control checks with the saved standard condition for the raw material, thus allowing a quick insight into the quality of delivered goods.